Firearms Campaign for Safer Streets in the UK

MAV UK supported the National Crime Agency Campaign for Safer Streets. Which was launched on 1st February 2021. After 552 seizures, firearms campaign tells young people across the UK: “Know the gun, know the law, know the consequences”.

The National Crime Agency leads the UK’s fight against serious organised crime urging people to know the gun, know the law and know the consequences of illegal possession of firearms in the UK.

Matthew Perfect, NCA firearms threat lead, said: “Young and easily influenced people need to know that they’ve only got one shot in life – so don’t blow it.

Deputy Chief Constable Helen McMillan, National Police Chiefs’ Council firearms lead, said: “This campaign highlights the important ongoing work by UK law enforcement to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and other serious incidents due to armed criminality.

“Even though the UK traditionally has lower rates of gun crime than Europe or the US, we still need to do more to make our communities feel safe.

Pauline Sergeant, chairperson of the charity Mothers Against Violence UK, said: “We support the firearms prevention campaign. We have personal experience of the devastating impact of gun violence, especially on the lives of young people.

UK law enforcement knows through the number of firearms recovered, that convertible blank firers are currently popular with offenders.

Since 2018, there has been an increase in people acquiring blank firearms. The bulk of the 552 recovered firearms were imported from European suppliers and shipped to UK customers through fast-parcel or post. The emergence of blank firing weapons being converted remains of concern with indications that young urban street gangs prefer this weapon due to its ready availability. In 2020, firearms activity remained broadly stable in comparison to previous years, with a slight decrease in 2019.

A small proportion of lawfully held firearms, such as shotguns, are stolen for criminal use. Theft of shotguns declined in 2020, almost certainly due to Covid-19 restrictions on movement. Shotguns are typically stolen from license holders in rural areas and used by criminals in urban areas. While such thefts may be targeted, most are the result of opportunistic burglary.

If you have any information about illegal firearms or any concerns about people’s access to firearms, please report it to police or anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

This article was taken from the National Crime Agency Website. Link blow.


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