Looking Back & Moving Forward

The 20th Anniversary Project Looking Back & Moving Forward, provided MAV with an opportunity to celebrate the 20-year history of the charity. The project lasted 18 months. As part of the project MAV UK also explore the history of the Hulme Manchester area. The project explored the links between gun crime, and the more recent issues of knife crime. Evidence showed the 1970’s regeneration, which provide high rise accommodation across the Hulme Manchester area, did not address any of the social issues, which included poverty, lack of support for single parent households and unemployment. The new housing project only lasted 20 years, before it was deemed a failure and demolished. However, one of the few buildings built alongside high raised accommodation was the Hulme Hall Centre. The centre used as a community space and polling station for Hulme residence, survived demolition and became the home of MAV UK in 2017. It is now used as a community space for hire and provides some free space for youth services. This hall has been significantly supported by The Heritage Lottery and Clothworkers’ Foundation Trust since it was taken over by MAV UK. MAV UK have renovated the kitchen area and included in design, two high quality ovens and a dishwasher. We have decorated and furnished two-small rooms in hall, providing a therapeutic area for adults and children. MAV are pleased to announce, we plan to seek an extension on our lease. This will extend our lease of MAV UK Community - Hulme Hall far beyond the current end date of 2022.

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Year Zero Book 2019
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