The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact & Survival

The COVID-19 pandemic hit local people hard. It also challenged us as a charity. We lost over £15,000 within the first month as projects were cancelled along with funding. The closure of the hall stopped all funds being raised from hall hire. However, we were encouraged by the local communities need to keep the hall open to provide meals. MAV also provided support by phone and webcam to vulnerable people in the community. It quickly became clear we would need immediate support to ensure the building was COVID ready when lockdown restrictions were lifted. MAV management committee implemented asocial distancing plan which would allow all available space internally and externally to be used. The hall is restricted to internal use only. This makes access to outside areas limited. The pandemic then added greater barriers increasing the risk of long-term closure due to ventilation issues in the building. We were aware this would significantly reduce our service provision. We needed to also ensure the safety of volunteers by reducing face to face contact in line with government advice and direction. This has kept our volunteers safe and helped us reduce volunteer costs.

MAV celebrated 10 years of charity status on 31st March 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 pandemic a volunteer’s celebration trip was cancelled. However, a wall history gallery, celebrating Hulme Hall and the surrounding area was launched at the hall during lockdown. The wall gallery was opened as planned.

The 15 photographs cover 50 years and document the historical changes in the area. As we re-open the hall for small events, we hope the gallery will be enjoyed by those that visit. The gallery was the last part of project delivery commitments, for the Looking Back & Moving Forward Project.

MAV hosted the Greater Manchester Youth Network, National Citizenship Programme throughout the month of August. MAV had a key role in delivering a presentation throughout this 4-week school summer programme. As our summer programmes ended in September, we implemented plans for additional outside area. All work was successfully completed on 10th December 2020.

MAV would like to thank all the funders who have supported the charity during this difficult time. This includes Heritage Lottery Fund, National Lottery, Clothworkers Foundation and Peter Kershaw Trust. We would like to say a special thank you to the Government COVID-19 Relief Support, without this support we would have found the pandemic much more of a challenge.

Most of all we would like to extend our thoughts to those families who have lost love ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our thanks, to the NHS, and all our essential support services.

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