Year Zero Film by James Twyman on the 20 year history of Mothers Against Violence (MAV UK)

This MAV UK 2019 commissioned film was funded by the Heritage Lottery. It recognises the contributions made my the people who started the Manchester based organisation Mothers Against Violence. Now known more widely as MAV UK.

Patsy McKie leads the contributions made my past a present members, who tell the story of how the charity started, then influenced lasting change in its community.

The film was made for charitable purposes. To help and promote the ongoing fight against all issues of violence, in all community. This film must not be used in any way without the signed permission of Mothers Against Violence.

Part 1 Year Zero - A documentation of the murder of Dorrie McKie and the impact on his family members.

Part 2 Year Zero - Life after his murder and the building of the Manchester based charity now known more commonly as MAV UK.

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