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People For Change

This project will aim to support, motivate, impact, lead, educate and safeguard people in need and especially young vulnerable children.

The main objective will be to help improve the mental health status of people and support them with vital tasks in improving their quality of life.

Mental Health will be the main priority due to its complicated nature and often linked to home violence, misuse of drugs, pressurised environments, money problems and crime. Due to its importance and the wide prospectus of possible scenarios MAV UK will aim to reach to the wide audience by offering a helping hand through the SMILES UK project. Therefore, the following services will be needed, in order to ensure the successful running of the scheme:

- Counselling services – 1:1 sessions and family sessions including home visits.

- Therapeutic work- 1:1 sessions and family sessions.

- Call centre HELP LINE for direct access

- Online support for ease of access and additional support.

- After prison support for ex prison individuals who need a fresh start in life

- Educational support including help with interview preparation, cv writing and coursework.

- Business support including help with job applications, business plans and business strategies.

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