Ten Exceptional Mothers Against Violence

MAV UK 2019 20th Anniversary Celebration Event Tributes

Patsy Mckie 1999 -2019

Founder member of Mothers Against Violence (MAV) and helped establish the service as a charity in 2010. She was the only mother that lost a child to gun crime that attended the first meeting which established MAV. Her son Dorrie was murdered in August 1999. Patsy is a Trustee of Mothers Against Violence and continues to work with the independent advisory committee and Greater Manchester Police on behalf of the charity.

Rose Thompson 1999 -2019

She attended the first meeting held in the community at the Nello James Centre. She is a Founder member. Her Trustee role also includes being one of the business directors of the business arm of the charity. She has supported the management of finances since MAV received charity status in 2010.

Sheila Eccleston 2002-2005

She joined MAV after the shooting and murder of her son Dean. She became a voice for change in the community and visited Boston in the USA. This visit helped develop and improve ways to tackle the impact of gun crime in the inner city of Manchester.

Angela Lawrence MBE 1999 – 2012

Attended the second meeting arranged by mothers in the community. She took a lead role in the initial development of Mothers Against Violence. She went on to establish and become the Director of a youth led service called Manchester Active Voices M.A.V.

Pat Regan 2004 – 2007

She joined with MAV UK after meeting Patsy McKie in 2004. She was working in local school’s sharing the story of the murder of her son Danny, who was shot to death. Pat was honest about her son’s involvement with gangs and his criminal history. However, her focus was always to share that his choices were not always right, but his life had meaning and value. She encouraged young people to make better choices. Pat died in 2007. MAV UK are proud of her contribution to MAV UK. We are even more proud of her work and personal achievements in her fight against gun crime.

Vida Swanston 2004 - 2019

She joined MAV UK after the murder of her nephew in 1999. She has served as treasurer for the charity since 2010. She has supported services at MAV UK since 2004. These services include home visits to victims of violence after a murder or a violent attack. MAV paid tribute to her during our recent 20th year celebration.

Theresa Cave 2004 - 2009

She joined after the brutal stabbing of her son Chris in 2003. She highlighted the issues of knife crime and the dangers of young people using knives as weapons as well as in defence. Chris her son lost his life in the North East area of Redcar. MAV UK joined forces with mothers in Redcar to support. MAV UK Redcar is now called Chris Cave Foundation and has established itself as an organisation which addresses the issues of knife crime. MAV UK continue to support the organisation and we are extremally proud of all the Chris Cave Foundation has achieved.

Beulah Tomlin 2008 - 2019

She joined MAV as a volunteer. She led the 10th Anniversary event called the Million Mothers March. The event went on to be an annual promotion event for the charity and celebrated the many achievements of MAV UK. The Making Children and Young People Matter (MCYPM) Service was established as a direct result of the Million Mothers March Events. The event was later more widely known as the MCYPM Event.

Jackie Featherstone 2004- 2011

She joined MAV UK after the murder of her son Fabian who was shot and killed. She worked with the charity delivering workshops with Patsy McKie who she regarded as her mentor and support after the loss of her son. Jackie was one of two original mothers, who lost children because of violent gun crime, who returned to take part in the 2019 filming of 20th Anniversary film, YEAR ZERO.

Pauline Sergeant 2013 - 2019

She joined MAV UK and became chairperson in the same year. She has served as the longest serving chairperson since MAV UK achieved charity status in 2010. She quickly focused the charity on ensuring good policies and procedures. She has also brought skills from previous community support roles; these include as school governor and with Manchester’s AGE UK.

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